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Did You Receive a Call or Letter from Us?


The POM team is pleased to provide answers to the most frequently-asked questions we receive. Should you need further information, please contact us. POM proudly takes a boutique approach to implementing billing and collection solutions, providing our clients with Peace of Mind®. Experience the difference with our expert team and our collection strategies tailored to your unique business needs.

Is POM publicly traded or privately held?

POM is a privately held “C” corporation in the State of New York and is a full-service billing and collection agency.

Is POM able to collect nationwide? 

Yes. We are compliant with the licensing and regulatory requirements of every state.

Are you compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards?

Peace of Mind® for Your A/R Management

Yes, POM is PCI compliant by virtue of third-party relationships we have in place.

Does POM subcontract or outsource any work?

POM does outsource and manage accounts requiring legal action to law firms located throughout the United States.


What technology does POM offer?

POM has an advanced technology platform with automated billing and collection follow-up activities and can electronically interface directly with your system to post transactions. This added-value service saves time and money to improve your bottom line. We maintain and customize our automated collection system not only to achieve program results, but also to report those results and deliver analyses to you to help identify trends.

Can our representatives make an on-site visit?

Yes. POM welcomes clients to visit and tour our facilities. We look forward to having your representatives see our professional team in action while giving us the chance to answer any questions you may have. To schedule a visit, call our corporate office at 855-826-2807 or contact us.

What is the typical number of days from receipt of accounts to
first collection attempts?

Typically, an initial letter is scheduled to be sent to all consumers with a valid mailing address within one business day of placement. In this letter, consumers are informed that their account has been placed with POM for recovery action. The letter includes all required regulatory verbiage.

Do you have bilingual collectors?

Yes, POM does offer our clients bilingual debt recovery services. We currently employ several collectors who speak fluent Spanish, and we use translation services for other languages. Our bilingual capabilities are specific to each program and are managed to accommodate the needs of the client.