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Higher Education

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POM’s higher education services division was created to provide institutions with financial consulting, accounts receivable management, and outsourcing solutions for the purpose of improving our educational clients’ bottom lines and default rates.

Our understanding of your institution’s industry, coupled with collection and outsourcing expertise and borrower-care skills, means a higher return for you, our client.  Our professional collection representatives are well trained in all aspects of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act before they begin any collections efforts on your Federal or private loans.

POM’s experienced professionals can offer solutions for whatever results you require for your delinquent student loan collection needs. At POM we consider our company to be an extension of your institution.  It is our mandate to treat all borrowers with respect while educating borrowers about their loan obligations and encouraging them to resolve their loans as quickly as possible. Some of the receivables we collect and programs we offer are:

  • Title IV student loans
  • Institutional loans
  • Tuition accounts
  • Pre-collect loan programs
  • Skiptrace services
  • Many, many more!

Peace of Mind® for Your A/R Management


Team up with POM and let us develop a collection program suitable for your institution’s environment.