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Key People

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James V. Argutto, President


James Argutto has been a collection industry leader since 1968. His technical and managerial experience covers all aspects of accounts receivable management, including risk management, credit and collections, billing, and cash management. He has led acceleration programs for major creditors and healthcare providers nationally and locally throughout the state of New York. Jim is responsible for the creation and implementation of POM’s proprietary billing, litigation and programs, which have accelerated cash flow into our clients’ revenue stream. These methods and programs have substantially impacted industry norms for performance.

Jim served as public relations/communications chairman for the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Metropolitan New York Chapter, which is an organization with more than 2,000 members serving the industry’s healthcare financial sector. He is a frequent guest lecturer at credit associations throughout the financial management community.

  • Education: Julliard Conservatory of Music

  • Professional Licenses: Certified nationally through corporate licensing

  • Years of Service: 32 years

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Gerald Argutto, Senior Vice President, Director of Information Technologies

Gerald has a broad background and experience in medical billing and collections, providing the unique ability to foster collaboration and deliver innovative solutions and powerful technical insight with MSCE, Linux, and A+ certifications. He is responsible for business planning regarding technology, server, workstation, and communications systems. He is the administrator of our Windows, Unix, and Linux servers; network security, integration, and engineering; and VMware administration and implementation.

Gerald is also responsible for Payment Card Industry (PCI) and HIPAA compliance, disaster recovery procedures, as well as planning and testing. He ensures all computer systems remain operational with minimal downtime, and directs systems resources and personnel to implement the task order, data transmission, as well as the reporting necessary to meet CHSLI’s requirements in this engagement.           

  • Education: 2004–2007 University of Phoenix, 2005–2007 Hendricks Institute

  • Professional Certifications: MSCE, Linux, A+

  • Role: Technology customization and solutions, support, HIPAA and PCI compliance

  • Years of Service: 26 years


Greg Rando, Director of Human Resources

Greg’s experience in risk management, credit servicing, collections, and project management dates back to 1988. He has developed systems, projects, and project life-cycle management routines for the credit and collections industry. He is responsible for managing POM’s temporary staffing program for a major healthcare facility.

  • Education: MBA from Wagner College

  • Professional Licenses: Certified nationally through corporate licensing

  • Role: Ensures compliance with all applicable regulatory and unique client-specific requirements

  • Years of Service: 27 years