POM Recoveries, Inc.
Providing Peace of Mind For Your Receivables Management


POM Facts

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POM offers our clients Peace of Mind® with customized collection plans, tenured staff, and facilities created for efficiency and effectiveness. We are pleased to share some facts and figures with you.


POM gives clients expertise that comes from decades of experience in the collection industry.

  • POM has been serving the needs of creditors nationwide since 1983.
  • POM currently manages tens of millions in monthly referrals.
  • POM’s dynamic platforms can process large volumes of inventory at any given time.
  • POM billing and collection agents have an average of 4 years of experience in servicing receivables.
  • Our team handles hundreds of thousands of accounts each year.

Peace of Mind® for Your A/R Management


POM’s tenured staff is well-equipped to execute a specialized collection plan for you. POM’s management team has a total of over 200 years of experience in the collection industry, with an average of 28 years of experience.

  • POM has a large full-time staff, with several Spanish-speaking associates available.
  • All employees receive a minimum of 10 days of training (classroom and on the floor), with an additional 2-6 weeks of mentoring to ensure quality communication skills and compliance with all applicable regulations.


POM uses the most current, dynamic platforms to ensure collection plans exceed client expectations.

  • POM uses an advanced collection system that features a high-powered, back-end relational database that can present account data to our collection professionals on their desktop.
  • The system offers features allowing POM management to define parameters and guarantee performance on each and every account, which maximizes performance and reduces expenses.
  • POM uses a high-end digital imaging system to manage documents related to millions of collection records at any given time.
  • Our predictive dialer allows for thousands of simultaneous calls at any given time.
  • 100% of calls are recorded for quality assurance.