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Predictive Dialing

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The collection system is supported by our predictive dialer. Each call dialed by the system is fed through an action table, which allows POM to dictate exactly how the dialer will work accounts for clients.


Action tables allow POM to program the dialer to handle each situation encountered while dialing, with the same degree of accuracy and logic. When the dialer has exhausted all logical avenues, it can then take any action that a biller/agent would. The dialer has the ability to deliver automated messages, giving POM flexibility in designing and implementing campaigns. POM can create messages for any occasion. Some features of the dialer include:

  • A fully-integrated predictive dialer and IVR solution with text to speech, a campaign scheduler and right-party verification in one complete package.
  • An intelligent predictive dialing algorithm that speeds up contact ratio over 200%.
  • Real-time line allocation to campaigns.
  • Station pooling through dialer means there is no need for dedicated dialer stations.
  • Immediate dialing of alternate phone numbers while biller/agent is working the account.

Peace of Mind® for Your A/R Management

Our IVR is available 24 hours a day and can be programmed to communicate in English and Spanish.