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Quality Management

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POM provides our clients Peace of Mind® for quality management because we take a boutique approach to all our quality measures, as we do with all our services for every client. Our quality control measures enable management to track program performance at the agent and account level, ensuring we don’t overlook any opportunities to improve recoveries. POM’s investment in the latest technology means we can maintain the highest levels of security and compliance for your peace of mind.

Agent Standards

Agents are managed to ensure compliance with company policy on contact attempts per hour, accounts worked per hour, and the quality of documentation of activities. Agents are given monthly performance goals, with incentives in various categories to maximize performance. Monthly bonus opportunities and other bonuses help motivate agents to continuously improve performance.

Collector Reviews

Management conducts monthly, side-by-side reviews of billing/collector techniques to ensure full comprehension of and compliance with all applicable regulations and adherence to company policies and client preferences. These reviews are supplemented by random audits of accounts worked to ensure the activities of individual collectors meet Company standards for performance and quality. This review is reported to management.

Peace of Mind® for Your A/R Management

Portfolio Reviews


Management reviews performance on batches of accounts monthly to ensure portfolios liquidate at rates competitive with or better than industry or regional norms, based on the many characteristics that affect your portfolio. Management audits a representative sample of accounts on a client-by-client and portfolio-by-portfolio basis to ensure quality.

Operations Audits

Management audits a representative sample of accounts randomly on a monthly basis. This additional audit yields additional opportunities to ensure quality. These quality control measures are supplemented by systematic controls in the form of business rules programmed into our collection system, which sets parameters for specific activities for each portfolio. POM has invested substantially in advanced technology to ensure compliance with regulations and client requirements.