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Reporting Capabilities

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We provide a variety of standard, customized, and ad hoc reports for our clients. Reports are provided in the frequency and format you require. Reports are available in Excel, txt, CSV, Word, and other standard formats and can be provided in a variety of electronic formats or on hard copy as required. Our standard reports include the following.

Acknowledgment Report

  • Itemized listing of each account placed, created, and sent within 48 hours of placement

Batch Track Report

  • Monthly tracking of placements including monthly total placement volume, total dollars collected, and total returns by placement batch

Account Status Report

Peace of Mind® for Your A/R Management

  • Detailed listing of all current active accounts and their status

Return Report

  • Monthly itemized listing of all accounts returned with an explanation as to why each was returned

Payment Statement

  • Itemized listing of all payments applied to your accounts